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CCC Connect wouldn't be possible without its contributors and the help of an incredible team of dedicated staff who have worked hours to put this platform together. Additionally, we would like to thank the board of directors of the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto for their support. This project wouldn't have been possible without the Emergency COVID-19 Support Fund granted by the Community Foundations of Canada and the Government of Canada.

Project Coordinator:

Angela Chan

Project Manager:

Victor Ng

Video Producers:

Senaida Ng

Sharron Lou

Jennifer Yang

Video Contributors (in chronological order):

Master Peter Law

Amy Lo

Maria Cristina Rondilla

Jackie Han

Naomi So

Master Li Xiqin

Toronto Chinese Orchestra

Lily Yan

Chinese Tea Culture Canada (Rita Wan So & Emily Kung-Quance)

Dr. Ming-Tat Cheung

Dr. Elaine Choi

Master John Chen

Dr. Joseph Ma

Dr. Silvia Odorcic

Marion Ho

Goh Ballet

Toronto Hakka Heritage Association

The Sui Yuan Association

Colin Smith

Dr. Francesca Cheung

Master Paul Ng 

Dr. Wendy Ng

Master Guan Shui Seng

Police Constable Gary Gomez

Dr. Benson Lau

Master Ian Levanthal

Master Tien Chang

Dr. Joseph Chu

Dr. Nasreen Khatri 

Brain Beat Dance

Maggie Song
Sann Chan

Derek Chai,
Chef Keung & Alan Lee 
Artworld Fine Art Gallery 
Kris Narhgang 

Doris Pontieri
Master Yi-Tong Lok

Master Jenz Shifu,
Maina Choy
Dr. David Lam

Corporate Community Support:

The Gibson Group Inc.

Galderma Canada Inc.

AbbVie Corporation

Graphic Design:

Brandon Seatter


Sharron Lou

Jennifer Yang

Web Developer:

Senaida Ng

Technical Support:

Leo Jar

On-Site Support:

Alice Qiao

Jessica Yang

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